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AcE - AiR Centre Of Enlightenment

ACE, the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, is a centre to help people realize the truth, to overcome ignorance and be liberated. It is the ONLY NON-COMMERCIAL CENTRE IN THE WORLD that is committed to helping seekers attain Mukti, Moksha, Nirvana or Salvation (The names are different but the destination is same). The AiR Centre of Enlightenment is envisaged as an Abode of Spirituality. It includes a state-of-the-art library, Silent and Guided Consciousness Meditation Centres and Discussion and Video rooms, all meant to help one evolve on their Spiritual Journey towards Enlightenment. The Centre is not only restricted to the seekers of Enlightenment. It also welcomes those who seek Solace, Joy, Peace and Bliss.


Our Founder

Amidst all the darkness, there is a person who keeps the flame of hope alive.

AiR - Atman in Ravi

After 25 years of success and more success, AiR realized that the secret of happiness was not in achieving more but in enlightenment. He became one with the truth that he was not the body that he appeared to be, but the divine soul, the atman. Thus, he metamorphosed into AiR —Atman in Ravi.
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'Who we are?'.
Does this question hit you often?

We all think we know who we are. We identify ourselves by our name, religion, profession, country: ‘I am Raj. I am a Hindu. I am a doctor. I am Indian.’ But when we came into this world, was our name stamped on our forehead? Did we arrive with an ID tag with all these details? Food for thought, isn’t it? The truth is that we do not know who we are.
We think we are what we appear to be. So, are we the body? The body dies and people say that we passed away, departed. Who left? Who departed? We were actually born, not on our so-called birthday, but 9 months before, long before the body was even formed. How can we be the body? If we are not the body, are we the mind? Has anyone ever seen the mind? While we have seen images or scans of our brain, heart, lungs and other organs, have we ever seen a scan or an X-ray of our mind? No, of course not. The reality is that the mind doesn’t even exist. Just like the ego, it is an illusion.

So, who are we? Neti Neti. Tat Twam Asi. The Makavakyas from the Upanishads hold the key to the truth. Not This, Not This. Thou Art That. Not the body, not the mind, we are the spirit, Atman, the Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life. The Soul is a part of the Supreme Immortal Power we call God. We are a part of the very God we seek, we worship. Everything and everyone is a manifestation of the Divine. Click here Register for the course to start Spiritual Journey and get answers for all such questions.

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The ultimate goal of life is Liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth, Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana and we at AiR Centre of Enlightenment can help you evolve in your spiritual journey towards attaining this goal.

But regardless of whether you are a seeker or not, by enrolling at AcE, you can empower yourself to transform your life, unlock the key to a life free from misery and suffering , and find the secret to eternal peace and happiness.

These are some of the ways you can benefit:

  1. Find answers to questions on life, this world, God that trouble many of us.
  2. Connect with like-minded people
  3. Gain spiritual wisdom and knowledge that can help you understand and realize the truth about life, who we are and who God is. This is what a true seeker seeks, but for the common man, this can help one live with acceptance and surrender, peace and happiness.
  4. Realize the goal of life which is beyond what we think it is, beyond joy or helping others.
  5. Learn spiritual practices such as guided meditation, the essence of Yoga, effective prayer, which ultimately, not only take us to the state of thoughtlessness or Consciousness where one is enlightened, but also impart a sense of holistic wellness, peace and bliss.

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